Introduction Doraemon Story Of Seasons

doraemon story of seasons

Story of Seasons is Harvest Moon rebranded. A very popular farming game. Expand your farm by growing crops, raising livestock, fishing and selling pretty much everything you find. And in this game, the story of seasons joins with Doraemon. So there are several characters in the Doraemon animated series in this game. And the main character that we play is Noby (Nobita).

Main Menu


Mini Map

Here you can see information about your farm.


Showing information about your cows and sheep.


Showing information about your chicken.


Showing information about your relations with villagers and wild animal.


Showing information about koropokkur, I haven’t opened this part yet, but in the future, you will meet with koropokkur or harvest spirit. You can ask them to help with your work in the farm.


Showing information about quest from villagers. I think after the villagers had at least three or two hearts, I forgot. Just tell me if it’s wrong. Sometimes, the villagers will ask us to get something and they will give gifts in return.

Key Item

Showing information about main item on this game.


Showing information about the festival which will take place this season.


Showing information about some quests, and after you finish you will get a scarecrow from some characters in Doraemon like Noby, Doraemon, Sue (Shizuka), Sneech (Suneo), and Big G (Giant / Takeshi).


Here you can save game data, load game data, return to the title screen, adjust some settings such as volume, graphics, and buttons.



Backpack is one of the most important parts of this game, if you only have a few slots, then the items you can carry will be limited and annoying especially when foraging.

At the beginning of the game, you will only have 8 slots. You can increase the slot by buying a bigger backpack at the General Store. You can only upgrade twice, each upgrade you will add 8 slots.
Price of a backpack upgrade at Kick Knacks General Store:
Large Backpack: 6000G
Gigantic Backpack: 12000G

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