Guide For Beginner Doraemon Story Of Seasons

Welcome to our guide for beginner Doraemon: Story of Seasons. In this page, we’ll walk you through the beginning of Doraemon: Story of Seasons. We’ll give you some tips on what to do first and eventually, build up a routine you can follow. If you have any extra tips, make sure to leave a comment and let us know.

Spring 3rd

After the long intro, step outside and make sure to plant those Turnip seeds you have. Leave some space in your backpack and go to the General Store. Two items cost 0 Gold Coins, buy the seed pack and talk to Jemma multiple times. She will give you 20 Turnip Seed, 20 Cabbage Seed, 20 Potato Seed, and 20 Strawberry Seed. The next item is the Special Delivery. Buy it to trigger a cutscene and you’ll be back outside your house with Doraemon. Talk to him twice to receive 5 Fatigue-Frogger and 5 Gro-Quik Powder.

You will run out of Stamina or time before you’re able to plant all the seeds you’ve just gotten. I suggest planting the strawberry seeds, seeing as those take the longest to harvest. Do some cleaning on your farm and go to sleep.

Spring 4th

After you water your crops, explore the map and make sure to visit the mines in Swoosh Falls. Once inside, you’ll trigger a cutscene and you’ll get the Pickaxe, but you’ll have to talk to Blake to get it. Make sure to leave some space in your inventory.

Spring 5th

Sandy will visit you in the morning and she’ll give you a Fishing Rod and explain the basics of fishing. The fish you can catch vary based on the weather and time of day. The more you fish on a particular spot, the harder it becomes to fish. It becomes tougher to reel in the fish. Stop by her shop to get your Old Rod and try your luck at catching some fish.

General Spring Tips

  • Harmon and the Monkey like Potato.
  • Helen likes Strawberry.
  • Aries loves Boiled Carp.
  • Rem and the Rabbit like Dandelion.
  • Blake likes Cucumber
  • Mark likes Cauliflower.
  • Jemma and Sue like P. Daisy
  • Vera and the Rabbit like Cabbage.

The first thing to buy is the Bug Net in the General Store. Then you need to save some gold to get that bigger backpack when your first harvest comes.
I suggest you upgrade the most important tools first to gather some gold in the early game. Those are the Watering Can and the Pickaxe.

Your Routine

1. Farming
Don’t go overboard with crops. Planting too many seeds can kill your routine entirely. Watering crops takes a long time and consumes Stamina. I recommend you plant turnip for only 18 plots, because turnip grows fast only takes 5 days to be harvested so you can get pretty fast money to improve your backpack. After each harvest, you plant another 18 plots.

2. Foraging
Foraging is one of the easiest ways to get gold, you can wander in the mountains, falls, beach and get the items there. Do not forget to clear up your backpack before you start foraging because you never know what you might find along the way.

3. Mining
Mining is tiring yeah but you get money from that and you can maintain stamina in a simple way.
Mine until the clock hits almost 30.. e.g 10:27 then you go out the mine before the clock starts halfway, and set Noby into nap mode. It will consume around 30 mins but it will restore your stamina. Do it repeatedly if you want to keep mining.

Whilst mining, you will find fossils and other items. Feel free to sell these as they are not rare. Don’t sell junk, in the future you’ll need junk to buy some item and is a material for making several tools.

4. Fishing
If your stamina runs out, just go fishing until midnight if there’s nothing to do, try and fish in many spots, such as the beach, cape, river, lake, and you can store or sell them. Try and come up with your own fishing path, but until then, you can start in Zazan Cape, catch two fish, move to Zazan Beach, catch two fish and repeat this process in other locations. The reason for only catching two fish is because the first two fish to take the bait are really fast, the third fish will only slow you down and you might end up going home with less fish.

But for early spring, I don’t recommend fishing. Because the price of the fish is not too expensive. Begin diligently fishing in the summer.

From now on, a good routine is to water your crops, clean up your farm, go to the mines, talk to everybody and start fishing when you run out of Stamina. This way you’ll be making money, progress to upgrade your tools and increase your friendship with the town. Eventually, you’ll start triggering events as your friendship with the townsfolk increases.

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